Mission Statement:

The mission of CasaLuz is to prevent and reduce domestic violence and related crimes in the Spanish-speaking community and to promote equal access to justice and other services. CasaLuz advocates, educates, improves quality of life and empowers the Hispanic community by providing legal advocacy and supportive services, sharing information about the cycle and dynamics of violence, helping victims to know and exercise their legal rights, and providing access and referrals to legal and social services in their native language (Spanish). CasaLuz takes a holistic approach in order to promote healing, well-being, and lives free of violence and fear within the Hispanic community.


-Reduce incidents of domestic violence and related crimes in the Spanish-speaking community.

-Eliminate barriers between the Spanish-speaking community, law enforcement, the civil and criminal justice system,

Government agencies, and other agencies and resources.

-Create an informed and empowered Spanish-speaking community increasing awareness about domestic violence.

Goals and Objectives:

-Provide support to victims of domestic violence through legal advocacy, counseling, support groups, educational workshops and other related services and programs.

-Increase access to resources into the judicial system in Memphis/Shelby County area for Hispanic victims of domestic violence and related crimes and providing the information and assistance in their native language (Spanish).

-Assist Hispanic clients and their children escape domestic violence and break the cycle of abuse.

-Offer emotional support to our clients assisted by bilingual/bicultural advocates that value and shared their culture and language.

-Provide referrals to other services needed and make follow-ups to make sure the Hispanic victim/survivor is properly assisted.