Individual Counseling and Children’s Group Therapy

CasaLuz offers counseling services to both adult clients and children exposed to domestic violence. Our certified counselors are trained in offering short-term therapy to victims of abuse, trafficking, physical assault, and other types of domestic violence. Therapists use a variety of treatment modalities such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and psychoeducation to meet the treatment goals of the client.

CasaLuz’s bilingual and bicultural counselors offer a holistic approach to care when working with clients on self-esteem, behavioral health, and mindfulness, all in a supportive environment. Our counselors work in individual, family, and group settings and specialize in children’s counseling through evidence-based methods using mindfulness, arts, and play therapy.

In children’s group therapy, therapists assist youth who have been exposed to domestic violence by working with them to address psychological stressors while in a safe and supportive environment and using elements of art therapy, play therapy, and mindfulness meditation. Our child process group addresses self-esteem and emotional regulation in order to help participants build social skills and work towards ending the cycle of domestic violence.

CazaLuz also collaborates with local partners to care for clients while confidentially and safely addressing the essential care needs for each individual.