Mariana’s Story

Mariana attended a Domestic Violence Awareness presentation at her Church offered by CasaLuz. When she learned about the services CasaLuz offers to Hispanic victims of violent crimes, including domestic violence, she felt relieved to be able to reach out for help without language and cultural barriers. Mariana scheduled an appointment with CasaLuz’ advocate and, for the first time, she was able to talk to someone in her native language about the years of abuse she has endured.

Mariana’s husband subjected her to verbal, sexual, and physical abuse, illegal restriction, and coercion regarding her reproductive rights. They have been married for 8 years and have 4 children together. Mariana’s husband was an abuser of alcohol and drugs. During the last incident, her husband kicked her, dragged her by the hair, punched her, and pointed a gun at her head threatening to kill her if she called the police. She escaped, ran out of the house, and asked a neighbor to call the police.

Her husband was arrested and CasaLuz’s advocate assisted Mariana with filing a police report and following through with the criminal case against her abuser. CasaLuz’ advocate helped Mariana file an order of protection and our civil legal partner represented her at the order of protection hearing. CasaLuz’ advocate was at the hearing to support Mariana. She participated in CasaLuz’ support group and individual counseling sessions. Mariana was referred to CasaLuz’s immigration legal partner for further assistance with her immigration needs. Although Mariana and her children were traumatized by the abuse, since working with CasaLuz and meeting other women who are survivors of domestic abuse, she has become more confident and determined to live free of domestic violence.